A New Day

We are about to head out to explore some of our old haunts. After struggling to find out the necessary info for a transit pass, we are going to brave the mass transit system. For those of you who know me…. this is NEVER something I look forward to. The Great Unwashed and I have never been coffee buddies….. pray for me…

Gambolling About In Guelph

For obscure reasons I am adrift in the leafy confines of Guelph Ontario. While you couldn’t pay me enough to live here, the people seem nice and I just had some duck pate that was well within the realm of awesome. Tomorrow some plant schmoozing, and thence to Toronto for an even bigger dose of Upper Canadian Enema….. Pray for me, till the prairie takes me back.

The Canoe That Never Was

I have recently finished a set of home theatre speakers made from an old canoe. I tried to reman this God knows how old 17′ Old Town, but it was just too far gone for my woodworking skills. It was either the junk heap, or being remanufactured into something else. And here it is:

When I have a little more time, I will add the entire construction photo stream, in the off chance anyone is insane enough to try this at home….


greek I had the good fortune to read an interesting piece of writing about the debt crisis in Greece. What debt crisis you may well ask… you may have seen the odd TV thing with angry crowds and disappointed Germans who seem to be paying the bill for the this bit of in-the-union-nonsense. Read this and then tell me you are not astounded. I think what you see today in Greece is what you will see in the United States in 10 years……

The Greeks! The Greeks!


After a week at the Thought Lodge, my phone was stuffed – doubtless having it’s life essence drawn from it’s vile electronic innards by the peacefulness of the venue. So… I had to darken the door of a phone store to have it sent for repair. It is hard to describe the two hours that have drifted away from my life as a result.

The place was packed, and very intimate, so I was able to insinuate myself into just about all of the counter experiences in front of me. Probably the most amusing was the sudden arrival of a large Hutterite man. He was dressed all in black, and had, as they do, a very heavy German accent. He had a BlueTooth ear piece for his cell phone, and was puzzled why it has ceased to work. The counter girl did a very thorough cell phone triage and eventually asked him when he charged it last. This caused much furrowing of the anabaptist brow, and eventually it was discovered that he did not know you needed to charge the ear piece. He found this astonishing. Further, he became difficult to move on as, once convinced it needed a charge, he required a charger, and this brand was not sold by this phone vendor – so no charger was available….. a result he seemed to struggle with.

What I found odd was the fact that these guys are not supposed to use technology at all, and in many of the colonies, they have retreated on the computer front lest their hard won religious weirdness should be somehow diluted, yet here was grandpa Hutterite gassing away on a cellphone at considerable length. These are the same dudes that drive around with their women in the back of the truck, and their dogs in the front seat.

This all took place while his phone rang every three minutes and we all had to hold in place while we listed to a series of mystery conversations in Hutterisch, a curious German dialect that seemed to be 40% English…..

All in all an entertaining time….

Heading for Home

Seven days…. seven exquisite days of friends, family and bucolic surroundings, comes to an end today. In a few short hours, I must saddle up the old mare and drive to the City and thence home, my experiences here left to the ashes of memory.

Living where I do, where there are no lakes of any consequence beyond a muddy hole, one never gets the chance to just commune on the banks of the lake. I wonder if it heralds back to a time in our genetic memory where we always gathered at the waters edge and built the first communities? Perhaps I am waxing a little wistfully for a life that probably never existed. But it sure has been nice…….