A New Year, A New Climate?

For some time I have been wondering about the bogey man of Global Warming. I have always found it difficult to even listen to Al Gore let along accept his theories. Partly, I was pissed off at his angry pronouncements that the “debate” about global warming is over, and that no serious scientist is stupid enough to not support this view (implying that any opponent is a crank). I have always loathed that particular approach by the witless to parogue debate when their arguments are unconvincing. (In fact everything Al does seems to revolve around diminishing his opponents. I love the fly leaf on his book Assault on Reason – “A visionary analysis of how the politics of fear, secrecy, cronyism, and blind faith has combined with the degradation of the public sphere to create an environment dangerously hostile to reason” Disagreeing with me can only be the result of your own insanity – contrived by the Government!). My own issue with global warming is a simple one – There have been multiple cycles of ice age and tropics (as evidenced by the geological record) and all of these took place either without the slightest human contribution, or without ANY human intervention. Sooo… my point being that the climate of this green orb has a natural tendency to do some fairly dramatic things – freeze for a few thousand years, or become rain forest for a few thousand more….. all without factories in China and Russia pouring CO2 into the atmosphere.

Further, I believe that making the sort of global commitments to reducing overall carbon output is a pipe dream. You can’t find a way to get the Israelis to stop killing Palestinians, or to find a non corrupt African government, yet you believe that you will by sending Gore Bots out into the world to proseltyse about lower carbon foot prints – will change the world. Actually change the world…. it is just plain nonsense. Show me a single example where this sort of wishful thinking has achieved a meaningful result? Generally, examples of this concerted global cooperation have been present in warfare, where pandering to our baser needs to conquer, works to achieve a common goal. But….. uproot and destroy the lives of millions on North Americans and Europeans? I just don’t believe it will happen. You will make general and gradual progress in the minimization of your average carbon footprint, but fundamentally altering the very nature of American and Russian and Chinese industry? Not in my lifetime….not going to happen. We can meet every few years in some exotic place and make huge plans to correct our global carbon footprint, and agree to drive our respective populations to new highs of conservation and greeness…. but what will it lead to? More of the same in my opinion.

In fact, Global Warming has just not developed as the Gore Bots have predicted. Predictions have not, it seems, come to pass.