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In our dying moments in Singapore, we paid a cabby to drive us around our old haunts. We made the trip from Singapore to Perth easy enough. It was cramped, filled to the very rafters with squalling children, and entirely how you would expect a Goat Class excursion to be. It was thankfully a mere 4 hours or so, so it just bearable. We spent half a lifetime mouldering in boredom at the new Changi Terminal 3. It was easy enough despite the long wait. I found a quiet place where we could chill and just plain wait it out. Eventually we washed up on the shores of Western Australia, and managed to see the Indian Ocean for the first time since 2003.

The Indian Ocean…. at last….

We were met at the airport by the Australian Ambassador, and he took us straight away for a nosh and a coffee. We grabbed a bit of a snooze and then he graciously showed us around town to get our bearings and see some of the sights.

The Ambassador showing my wife where, apparently, the men are located….

Perth is a very picturesque city. I have traveled the world extensively, and always felt like Perth was the one place that reminded me of Cowboy City. It has much to see, some very nice vintage architecture:

The Brass Monkey – Looked like a potentially entertaining watering hole…


Shirley and Duncan

We discovered that the downtown core buses are free, so took huge advantage of that. We wanted to go to Freemantle at some point, and I thought that it might be nice for Shirley to see the trip down the Swan. We booked a spot on the boat for Friday, which as it turns out is market day in Freo, so lots more to see.

We were walking along the street today, and down an alley I spied this bizarre scene:

Child Abuse?

I have no idea what the point of this was. They had roped off a section of ground, stretched a tarp over it to keep the sun of it, built this tortuous maze of sliced space blanket, added some children to the space, and then peppered it with what looked like hockey pucks. Hockey pucks? you might well ask yourself… there was no usual screaming and mad dashing about as children do when let out of their cages of a sunny day. These kids seemed as bewildered as I at what this was all about. We watched this surreal scene for a few minutes, but nothing popped in the head as to the point…. so we moved on lest we get swept up in the inevitable child abuse drag net that was surely to settle on this bizarre scene any minute.

We went for lunch at a place that offered pretty much the full mantra:

All I ask of the world

On the way I made a mental note of a place that might come in handy of a late night with a skin full….

The Aussies think of everything

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  1. I read every word of these delightful and insightful essays and came away refreshed and renewed. God, I miss the Rogue!

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