I live in Canada – an accident of birth

I am a Captain of Industry – a result of a lack of planning

I have both a wife and issue – both a wonder of biology, and my light in the void

I know what an opinion is and I am not the least afraid of owning one – or using one

I don’t believe that things I don’t understand must be the work of “higher powers”.  I believe the world is full of wonderful things, and that natural processes can be responsible for all of them……and believe this view is worth the risk

I can read, often do, and believe the world will always remain an ultimately unknowable place unless you take the time to get to know something about it and the people and things that thrive around it.

I hardly agree with anyone, but I love a well cared for intellect, a well crafted argument and nothing turns my crank like someone standing their ground against a strong wind

I admire those who reject the thinking of the pack, and loathe those who bleat with the sheep.

I have traveled extensively, and while I don’t regret any of it, I am not sure I would like to repeat some of it.

I believe that political correctness is the refuge of the genuinely diminished – and they can expect to be treated accordingly in these pages – as they richly deserve.

I don’t believe Obama is God. I don’t support a mindless faith that he will bring a new Utopia to us all. He is just a man, in a tough job with limits to what he can achieve. Zippy catch phrases do not inspire me.

I don’t believe there is a future for Canada as a single nation. Beaten half senseless by the self serving interests of Upper Canadians, the “rest” of the country has little to gain and everything to lose. I intend to support whatever political stripe strives to achieve that goal.

I believe that  Germans probably invented the automobile, or should have, as they seem to be the only people who really understand the concepts, and have certainly demonstrated the execution

I believe the crap that gets made in Oshawa and Detroit is an abomination and is more about state welfare than making cars. If you own one of those crap collections you have both my sympathy and my scorn for being such a retard. If you work for the union, then you have earned my disgust. You will get yours one of these days.

I believe that any society needs laws. I also believe that if you choose to live outside these laws and you choose to remain within the confines of that society….. then you need to feel the keen edge of that decision

The world has many blogs, but this one is mine. Many will look like mine, but only this one is genuinely mine. If you come to this blog, please contribute. If  you have nothing interesting to say, then please don’t stay and use up the electrons that could be used by people who actually do

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